Managed IT Services

Who is Managed IT Services for??

Managed services are for small to midsize businesses to get the services of full-time IT staff without the investment and cost to hire. This allows us to keep their technology infrastructure up and running without the worries of it going down or who to call to get it up and running and to provide proactive services to almost eliminate downtime and loss of revenue.

How do Managed IT Services work?

Managed IT Services are customized for each client as every business has special needs that need to be met based on the type of business, software used and systems required. We will meet with you and review your current system, understand your needs, equipment, software and other special requirements. We will also understand what currently is working great for you and what needs to improve. We will then come up with services that will meet those requirements for you so you can concentrate on running your business.

What services are included?

The type of services included are dependent on the specific needs of the client. In general we provide remote technical support for your end users (employees), server monitoring and management, manage your network equipment and receive notifications on potential issues, monitoring of your overall network, antivirus and anti malware protection, patch management, installed program management, managed backups, emergency service support, VoIP Phone system support, Website hosting and domain management, exchange email services, and SLA Agreements to name a few.

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